Benefits of Piano Lessons



    • Piano study develops attention span and concentration level.



    • Piano lessons help students develop manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.



    • Music inspires creative thinking and encourages students to explore their imagination.



    • Through piano lessons, consistent practice, and performance, students develop self-discipline.



    • Playing the piano is a step-by-step process that improves study habits, teaches a student to set goals, guides them in accomplishing these goals, and develops initiative.


    Memory Development 

    • Memorizing music involves visual, aural, analytical, and kinesthetic memory.



    • Performing on the piano in front of a teacher, a family member, other students, or an audience instills confidence.



    • Completing a task, such as learning a new piece of music, is very rewarding. Students feel a great deal of pride in their achievement.



    • Piano lessons encourage students to reach out to others by sharing a mutual interest in piano or performing the piano in front of peers.


    Lifelong Skill 

    • Once a student learns to read music and play the piano, they are on their way to unlocking their musical talent, discovering the joy of making music, and embarking on a lifetime journey filled with musical enjoyment.



About Me


Gail Lew is the former director of keyboard publications for Warner Bros. Music and currently serves as Editor and New Music Reviewer for the California Music Teacher magazine, Chairperson for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy Committee on Independent Music Teachers, adjunct professor of applied piano for Las Positas College, and adjudicator for state, national, and international events. She received her Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance, Master of Arts Degree in Music History, and Lifetime California State Teaching Credential... More ...